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My fitness journey unknowingly started through my father. As an active guy himself, he lead by example. He had me ice skating at the age of 3, gymnastics at 5, karate at the age of 7, skateboarding at 11, bought me a dirt bike at 13, had me try every sport in high school to see what I liked, golf clubs at 16, I think you can see where this is going. Yet, even after all of that, I never considered myself a fitness guy. Movement was just always a part of life. 


It wasn’t until I found Crossfit that I considered myself a “fitness” person. I found a love for pushing my body and seeing what it was capable of. That quickly led to me coaching classes and sharing that with others. Seven years and a handful of certifications later, I can guess you could say I was hooked. 



There was one problem though…


My shoulders always hurt, my left knee chronically ached, I got sick 4-5 times a year, I had to take naps during the middle of the day no matter what due to no energy. Yeah, I looked “healthy” but was I? How can I claim to be a fitness professional that leads others and feel this way?


I started to look into furthering my education more and as I learned about what it means to be “healthy” I quickly realized that the definition of “healthy” and “fit” isn’t the same for everyone. As an individual, I needed certain behavior, nutrition, and exercise prescriptions to realize my true potential as a human. Boom! Another realization occurred if I need that then wouldn’t others? This is what turned my focus from one size fits all classes to an individually tailored approach to fitness. 

"When you honor the individual, you ultimately make the greatest impact."

In-person or remotely, Lampi Fitness helps people achieve their fitness goals through sustainable behavior, nutrition, and exercise prescriptions tailored to the individual. It all starts with a conversation, so reach out today. 

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