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Do you offer monthly or yearly commitments?

There are several options: month to month, six-month, or yearly contracts. However you want to start is great and you can decide your commitment level as we progress.

How do you accept payments?

Payments are accepted through the coaching app we will use for all communication, exercise delivery, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching.

How do you monitor my progress?

Your progress is monitored in a few ways. Weekly check-ins with comments or videos from me. Tracking metrics through benchmark exercises, re-assessments, and conversations. You, the client will be able to see all these progressions with visual graphs through the app.

Is TrueCoach free? 

Yes! TrueCoach is a free app that you’ll download to your phone. 

Can you work remotely?

Absolutely! It’s all about communication and I use a few different technologies to give you as much of an in-person touch without actually being there. 


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